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EASAPS Biennial Meeting Lisboa, 31st March - 2nd April 2022

Please read the welcome note from Carlos Parreira, President of the E(A)SAPS , concerning the 2022 Biennial Meeting

Dear friends,

Just a few words regarding the E(A)SAPS biennial meeting. As you know we are holding the meeting at the end of March/beginning of April this year. This is really a leap of faith on our behalf during Covid times, but with going ahead and taking risks, we really believe that we are supporting the European Aesthetic surgery community.

We are YOUR association, and we represent YOU. We believe that the E(A)SAPS meeting will be a unique opportunity to meet, share, discuss and plan our future together.

Please help us to promote this event through your National Society. We kindly ask you to send the information to all your members and we can supply any information that you need to achieve this. WE WILL EXTEND THE LOWER REGISTRATION RATE FOR YOUR MEMBERS UNTIL FRIDAY. Please send a message to all your members and help us promote this great event. You can find a pdf attached that can also be sent with this message to your members.

One other opportunity is that we have an extra meeting room (up to 30 persons) and we would be happy to allow you to hold small meeting with your board or members by taking advantage of being in the same place if you all manage to come and join us in Lisbon. Things are quickly improving, and as from today restrictions have been even more simplified in Europe, and a certificate of vaccination is all you need to travel, and we are convinced that by the end of March, it will be very safe to travel to Lisbon and have a great time in my beautiful city! This is YOUR meeting and it will be one of the first European meetings after the COVID restrictions! Let’s make this an incredible moment. Your meeting and a chance to plan the future of your society – E(A)SAPS.

Best regards

Carlos Parreira

President of the E(A)SAPS 2022 Biennial Meeting


Download the colpmete program

Download PDF • 4.16MB


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