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According to the statutes:

In-Training members are surgeons who are undergoing further training in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at a training center recognized by the FMH or who have completed this training but do not yet meet the requirements for ordinary membership of the SSCE. In-Training members must meet the requirements of the Society and be confirmed by the General Assembly. Membership is valid until the requirements for ordinary membership are met.

Conditions of admission for In-Training members: 


  • They must be junior members of the Swiss Society of Plastic Surgery (SSCPRE).

  • They are briefly introduced by the committee and elected by the GA. 

  • They are not admitted to the GA and have no voting or election rights.

  • They are in a training center recognized by the FMH and have completed at least 2 years of training in plastic surgery or have already obtained the title of specialist.

  • Each In-Training member will have to make 3 visits per year to validate their program.

  • Each In-Training member will pay a reduced annual fee to the SSCE of CHF 150.00.

  • They will benefit from a reduced rate for training days and congresses compared to other assistants.

The application for membership must be sent to the SAS secretariat with the following documents:


  • Curriculum vitae

  • Letter of confirmation of junior member of SPS (Swiss Plastic Surgery)

  • Photo (digital)

Further information can be obtained from the secretariat at:

or by phone 079 344 97 79

The committee verifies the validity of the candidacy and submits its recommendation to the General Assembly.

The application can also be made by the online form, which is available under:

Application Forms to became a Member Junior

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