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The SAS (Swiss Aesthetic Surgery) has 4 different types of members depending on the statutes.
  • Ordinary members with voting and election rights

  • Intraining members, junior members who have access to the company's training program but not to the general assembly and do not have the right to vote and election

  • Senior members, former retired members

  • Honorary members , members who have made a remarkable contribution to the development of cosmetic surgery in Switzerland.

Why become a member?


To create connections with other cosmetic surgeons who aim at the same professional and ethical values willing to share their professional knowledge to keep a good level in cosmetic surgery.




Why a membership fee?


With your membership fee the society can continue to:


  • Organize congresses

  • Organize training days

  • Develop information brochures for doctors and patients on different topics 

  • Communicate to patients and the population our deontological values via social media 

  • Defend our profession on a social, political and economic level

  • To set up a surgical training system for young surgeons in training with the support of university training centers.

What is the advantage for the members?


Take advantage of the instruments set up by the society for the members:

  • Interactive forum to share information, needs, ideas and projects of professional interest in a safe and direct way

  • Preferential rate for the national congresses organized annually on topics of importance for the practice of cosmetic surgery with internationally renowned experts

  • Preferential rate for training days organized annually on topics of importance to the practice of cosmetic surgery with internationally renowned guests

  • Free provision of a "guideline" to manage the quality control of one's own workspace

  • Provision of free QR codes on paper to be distributed to patients to access directly on the internet to the "ABC of breast implants" information


Enjoy the status of belonging to a company that respects professional ethics and has a quality control training according to Swiss standards to reassure our patients.

To take advantage of reporting problems of common interest to defend our profession.

Checklist for becoming a member

According to the statutes of the Swiss Aesthetic Surgery can become ordinary members only  specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, who are ordinary members of the Swiss Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, and who fulfill the following conditions:


  • Chief's activity in a hospital or independent private activity for at least three years;

  • Predominant activity/interest in cosmetic surgery;

  • Completion of quality programs and continuing education according to the requirements of the Swiss Aesthetic Surgery;

  • Recommendation by two ordinary members of the Swiss aesthetic surgery;

  • Operating statistics in cosmetic surgery of the last two years;

  • Preliminary visit by one of the two recommender of the candidate's practice or clinic;

  • The request must be made in writing.

The application for membership must be sent to the SSCE secretariat with the following documents:


  • Curriculum vitae

  • Letters of recommendation from two ordinary members

  • Photo (digital)

  • Operating statistics in cosmetic surgery for the last 2 years

  • Report from a recommander regarding the practice or clinic visit


Any further information can be obtained from the

secretariat at:

or by phone: 079 344 97 79

The committee verifies the validity of the candidate and submits its recommendation to the General Assembly. Chief of post-graduate training establishments are entitled to facilitated membership.

The application can also be made by the online form, which is available under:

Application Forms to became a Member

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