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What is it?


Simply a paper file that explains the detailed operation of the facility and demonstrates that the facility has all the licenses and authorizations regarding: the spaces used, the employees hired and the medical instruments and machines used in the facility according to Swiss rules.

Who does this?

You can do it by yourself under the control of the person in charge of the facility (self-management), or you can hire a specialized company.


Who should do this?

TAll medical structures like for example: doctor's surgery, doctor's surgery with operating room, medical structure with operating room of different degrees ambulatory until a clinic with hospitalization.
Of course, the lighter the structure is in terms of equipment and personnel, the fewer forms, files and regulations have to be respected and certified.


What does the law say?

It is compulsory to have this file ready for a possible control of the different authorities.

What is in the file?

All the documents that explain the functioning of the structure with organisation charts and explanatory sheets in all the details requested.
For the physical spaces for example, the documents include the cantonal operating permits with a detailed plan of the spaces, for the employees including the doctor, the file includes all the CVs, diplomas and job descriptions, and for the functioning of the establishment, the file includes several checklists of self-assessment of the tasks of the employees, of the good functioning of the operating room and the certifications of all the medical instruments.

What is the problem?

The authorities and laws involved are many and different and are collected in different places (Federal Law of Medical Professions, Cantonal Physician, Cantonal Pharmacist, FMH, etc etc) and it is this part that complicates the task if one is not practical with the bureaucracy.
Private companies are very expensive and none of them are officially recognised by the Swiss official bodies and doing it yourself can be complicated.




Dr Boesh during his presidency hired a specialised company to create a guide line and pre-prepared forms to facilitate the task of doing it yourself.
You just need to add the specific information for each structure. 

These documents are free online for all members 

Enjoy and be prepared for a possible audit.

The exercise is a bit tedious but it will help you to see how your structure works and surely to improve it.

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